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Why your Family Should take a Tech Vacation

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A Tech Vacation is simply a vacation away from technology in a new and active city like San Diego. When was the last time you shared a family dinner without the presence of a smartphone, tablet or gaming device? Is the TV or DVD player constantly on in your home? Can you recall the last long and meaningful conversational you had as a family?

These are just some of the signs that technology is taking over your home. Breaking away from these devices can be a refreshing way to spend quality family time in a new place. And what better place than San Diego for a technology-free weekend? Year-round sunshine, beaches and cheap hotels near the MCRD, SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.

Not sure if you could spend more than an hour away from your electronic devices? Here are some reasons we think your family should try replacing a laptop with laughter and a cellphone with conversation:

  • Health benefits. We’ve become reliant on technology to do all the thinking for us and we are starting to forget how to use our brains. Did you know that a weekend without technology is proven to boost brainpower? Cognitive thinking improves when we use a map for directions and figure out a 20% tip without a calculator. And your kids probably won’t argue too hard if you agree not to set an alarm clock.
  • Relational benefits. Without a screen in front of your face for hours, more time is opened up for family bonding, meeting new people and engaging in conversation. Ungluing yourself from technology forces families to communicate with each other over games, outdoor activities and meals.
  • Simple living off the grid. Too often we complicate our lives by worrying about Facebook “likes” and work emails. Disconnect with technology to re-connect with the simple pleasures available in the real world. Let friends and co-workers know before you go that you’ll be out of touch for a few days and hold true to your promise to power down.
  • Adventure. Don’t be afraid to get lost and explore new things. Instead of mapping out a minute-by-minute itinerary, try playing part of your trip by ear. Let your kids have a say in some of the activities to take their mind off of the lack of social media.

Now that you know the benefits, how do you actually do it? Don’t tempt yourself by packing devices; instead leave anything that’s not a necessity at home. If you’re allowing cellphones on the trip for safety purposes be sure to set some ground rules. Perhaps don’t allow phones during family time, disable in-room WiFi and turn off social media notifications. Planning ahead will also allow you to stick to your tech-free trip guidelines. Print out crucial addresses, directions and phone numbers ahead of time and consider purchasing a San Diego Guidebook. Most importantly, act as a role model for your kids. If you don’t adhere to your own rules, and look like you’re having fun doing it, they won’t want to either.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many people also use their phone as a camera, and having these memories to hold on to can be important. If you plan a trip to the San Diego Zoo and want to capture a photo of the famous Giant Pandas go ahead and snap away, just set guidelines about whether uploading photos online is allowed or not. To learn more about the Zoo’s exhibits and why it’s a necessary stop during your tech-free travels click here!

If you’re really craving a little technology during your vacation you can find a way to make it a family bonding experience. Create a music playlist together that you can all listen to during the car trip, go see a movie at a local theatre, or create some friendly competition at an arcade. Also be sure to take advantage of the family-friendly features offered at the top San Diego budget hotels like Marina Inn and Suites. Purchase your Zoo or SeaWorld tickets through us and get 15% off your entire stay! We also have Kids Suites and Park & Fly Packages available for your convenience.

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