Star of India, A Piece of History in San Diego Downtown

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Among all of the wonderful pieces of history that call San Diego home, The Star of India is the grandest and the most elegant.  This gem of modern history is docked in the San Diego harbor. If you are looking for hotels near San Diego Bay, the Marina Inn is conveniently located just one block away. Our guests can easily enjoy The Star of India and other local attractions located nearby.

Built in 1863, the Star of India is the world’s oldest operating sailing vessel. This beautiful ship began her journey in Great Britain where she was constructed in the Isle of Man. The completed ship, originally named Euterpe, was then commissioned for voyages between Liverpool, England and Calcutta, India.During these voyages, the Euterpe went through the whole gamut of seafaring woes, which included collisions, storms, mutiny, and the death of her first captain William Story. After these near-disastrous excursions, the crew of the Euterpe had some luck with four more successful voyages to India until she was sold in 1871. Marina Inn, our Downtown San Diego hotel, is within walking distance of the Star of India exhibit, so the next time you feel like getting in touch with your seafaring side, come stay with us for affordable comfort only one block away from a sea-worthy adventure!

A transportation company bought her, and Euterpe began her next chapter of life as a vessel carrying human cargo from England to New Zealand. These emigrants were heading to new lands to look for a better life. Hundreds of passengers trusted the Euterpe and her crew with their lives, along with their hopes and dreams and visions of the future. Euterpe was like a mother carrying her young, protected inside her iron shell from the harsh and unpredictable ocean. During these trips, she sailed the world more than 20 times around, and kept port in places like California, Australia, and Chile.

In 1901, Euterpe was sold once more to a company in San Francisco, with whom she was renovated and renamed as Star of India. Under her new name, she began hauling merchants and goods between California and Alaska, a commission that lasted 20 years. At this time was the beginning of the age of steam-powered ships, and the Star of India became obsolete as a shipping vessel. In 1926 she was sold once more to the San Diego Zoological Society for use as a museum; a use which did not come to pass until 1959 because of World War II and the Great Depression. After a decade of restoration, Star of India became a full-seaworthy exhibit for the Maritime Museum of San Diego in 1976.

For 40 years, the Star of India has been a centerpiece of the San Diego Bay, hosting tours and history education programs for hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world. Now that you know some of the rich history of the Star of India, your next visit will be a profound experience as you imagine all of the thousands of people who have walked those same decks you will be walking.

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