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A Visitor’s Guide to SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld is one of the most popular San Diego attractions for a number of reasons. The San Diego amusement park offers kids (and adults) shows, rides, interactive exhibits and stunning aquariums. With so many options for entertainment, visitors can easily spend an entire day at the theme park. If you’re planning on making a visit to SeaWorld, here are some tips to help you make the most of your day.

  1. Be prepared for a lot of sun. The theme park is outside and there aren’t many trees.  Additionally, the amphitheaters where the shows are performed seat the audience in direct sunlight. To prepare for a day in the sun, bring a hat and sunglasses. Also be sure to wear sunscreen.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. As previously mentioned, SeaWorld doesn’t provide much shade from the sun. It’s recommended that visitors wear layers so they can take off clothing during the day and add extra warmth when the sun sets and the temperature drops. Also, like other theme parks in San Diego, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a lot of walking.
  3. Bring snacks. Visitors are allowed to bring snack items into the park, but not entire meals. Brining your own snacks can help cut down on food expenses while at SeaWorld as most of the food items sold in the park can be expensive. Snacks are also great for satisfying young children while waiting for a show to start.
  4. Plan for a full day around shows. With so many attractions inside SeaWorld, it is impossible to not be at the park for a couple hours. SeaWorld is an all-day event. The shows at SeaWorld are the biggest draw, so it’s recommended that visitors plan their day around the times of the shows.
  5. Get in line for rides first. SeaWorld’s busiest rides include Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids, Riptide Rescue and Manta. Visitors who want to go on these rides should get in line shortly after the park opens in the morning. The lines will only get longer as the day goes on.

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