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Scuba Diving in San Diego Provides Offshore Adventure

With the warm average water temperature, San Diego is a popular scuba diving spot for those looking for a local underwater expedition.  Scuba diving in San Diego offers visitors a unique and rare look at the hidden sea life that exists under the ocean’s surface. Scuba tours in San Diego typically range from $50 for a half day local scuba tour to $300 for a full day dive in the waters off Baja California.

Visitors interested in scuba diving in San Diego, can choose between starting their dive off the shore or a boat. Both options will provide a memorable experience and allow you to explore the underwater world, possibly running into local marine life such as seals, sea lions, eels, sea slugs, abalone and sun stars.

Visitors who wish to go on a beach or boat dive should contact the nearest dive company for times and locations of tours. For visitors who want to explore the waters on their own, here are some of the favorite scuba diving spots in San Diego:

Beach Dives

  • La Jolla Shores – Of the coast, divers can see kelp beds, small tiger sharks and seals. The calm ocean waters are great for beginner scuba divers.
  • South Casa Cove – Located off the jetty of Hospital Point in La Jolla, this shallow reef is perfect for scuba divers of all ages, with local marine life including seals, sea lions and lobsters.
  • La Jolla Underwater Park – Divers can swim freely along this 10 mile long by 3 mile wide area of ocean exploration, which reaches a depth of 900 feet.
  • La Jolla Cove Ecological Reserve – This 500 acre protected ocean habitat offers an unobstructed view of the underwater marine life. In this particular reserve, boating and fishing are prohibited for an even more relaxing atmosphere.

Boat Dives

  • Wreck Alley – Located 2 miles off the coast of Mission Beach, this 600 acre area enables divers to explore 4 sunken ships including the 366 foot long Canadian destroyer, the Yukon.
  • Isla Los Coronados – These three small islands are only an hour and a half ride away in Mexica. Favorite spots at Isla Los Coronados include Pukey Point, Lobster Shack and Keyhole. This spot isn’t recommended for beginners as the currents here are strong.
  • Point Loma Kelp Beds – Divers can swim in depths of 35-80 feet at this popular dive spot in Point Loma. Visitors and residents keep coming back to explore the majestic kelp forests, rock pinnacles and shelves.

Scuba Diving Lessons in San Diego

To go on a tour or go open water diving, divers must be certified. Many of the scuba companies that offer scuba lessons in San Diego also provide diver certification, for around $200.

Visitors who want to scuba dive in San Diego, but have no experience, can take San Diego scuba diving lessons and classes at one of the many dive outfits in the area. Most of these classes will either take place in a pool or off the shores of a local beach, such as La Jolla Shores. Another option for inexperienced scuba divers is to contact local companies to see if they offer “resort dives.” On these dives, visitors can explore shallow reefs in water no deeper than 30 feet.

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