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Where in Old Town Can You Find the Best Tortillas?

San Diego’s Old Town is filled with Mexican restaurants which are recognized for making the freshest and most authentic Mexican food north of the US/Mexico border. In addition to traditional Mexican dishes, many restaurants specialize in making their own handmade tortillas. For visitors who want to taste the best tortillas in Old Town for themselves, here are some recommended restaurants to check out.

The Old Town Mexican Café has served the area for more than 30 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Old Town. When it comes to tortillas, the Old Town Mexican Café holds its reputation for being the home of the original Old Town tortilla makers. The restaurant chefs make their corn and flour tortillas from scratch multiple times a day using traditional preparation methods. If you can’t get enough of these tortillas while dining, you can purchase their fresh, homemade tortillas for $4 a dozen and take them home with you.

Another popular Old Town restaurant with delicious, fresh tortillas is the Café Coyote y Cantina. Café Coyote has been voted the best Mexican restaurant in Old Town for the past five years and has become a frequent destination for locals and visitors in search of fresh tortillas and authentic salsa. Café Coyote is also a certified “Tequila House” by the Academia del tequilain Mexico City, making it one of two “Tequila Houses” in the United States. So if you’re staying at a hotel near old town, catch a cab and try out some of Café Coyote’s signature tequila cocktails and beverages.

No matter how you choose to eat your tortillas, whether a part of a flavorful carnitas plate or as a treat to take home, the best tortillas can be found in San Diego’s Old Town.

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