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Lots of fun Surfing in San Diego

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Surfing is a unique sport. The learning curve is as much about understanding the nature of waves as it is about perfecting your moves. Unlike traditional team sports, surfing is an inherently individual experience that comes down to you and the wave. There’s no rules, no score, no win or lose. After you get into the mindset and master the basics, you’ll discover that surfing is pure, self-indulgent fun, however getting started can be a bit frustrating.

If you’re barely getting started and want to try out surfing the waves for the first time, consider starting with a bodyboard (also known as a boogie board) and head on down to a sand bottom beach with a lifeguard on duty.  Now, if you already know how to surf, you’ll find a variety of different waves and conditions along San Diego’s 70 miles of open ocean coastline to suit your individual style.

At any time of year, the best advice is to check the current surf report to see if there’s any swell in the water and which direction its coming from. Tides can change as much as eight feet in San Diego, and have a huge impact on the surf. Also, consider the trade-off between getting one or two great waves at a crowded marquis spot, or dozens of good ones at someplace less popular. Beach breaks are always more reliable and easier to figure out.

Also, watch out for water hazards. It goes without saying that surfing requires being a competent swimmer, but new surfers often underestimate the power of waves and the currents that accompany them.

If you want to try out surfing yourself, you can rent gear from surf shops at all the popular San Diego beaches, or hire instruction from one of the licensed outfits that operate out of La Jolla Shores.

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